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Fics, graphics, art and everything else for fans of Bellatrix Black/Lestrange.

Welcome to bellatrixfans!

I'd always wanted a place that was entirely Bellatrix Black/Lestrange centric, but at the time I found it hard to find active communities, so I made one myself.

What is allowed here?
Anything to do with Bellatrix Black/Lestrange, from fanfics to graphics and art to fanmixes. We welcome het, femmeslash, incest and gen fics, any pairing and rating welcome.

What is not allowed here?
No promoting (unless mod approved), no real person fiction and no crossovers.

When you post a piece of fiction or art, you must post it in the following ways:
- Headers should be set like this: Art/Fic: Title of Fic [Pairing]
- Actual Post:
Title: (Please do not put the fic link here)
Word Count:

(Fic Under An LJ Cut or Link here)

All fic and artwork must be under an lj cut otherwise it takes up too much space.

Tag your posts in the following way:
author/artist: [your username], pairing: [pairing], type: het/femmeslash/slash/gen, !fic/!art/!graphics/!icons/!video/!fanmix/!rec, year, content: [content], genre: [genre], rating: [rating], side pairing: [side pairing]

Can't find a tag? That's all right, add your own or I'll do it for you. If you have tagged incorrectly, don't worry, I'll correct it for you, it's just easier if everything is organised :) I plan to make a Master List each year, which is why I want the year in there.

Should you have any major formatting errors, I will delete your entry, redo and repost it, stating who originally posted it. This is just to keep the community tidy, neat and organised for everyone.

Please comment on the fics, art and graphics you find here, the authors and artists work very hard on their work and would appreciate any feedback you can give. No rudeness or flaming, mind!

I hope you enjoy yourself here in this community, as that is what we're here for! There may be challenges, fests and/or ficathons posted here to liven up the community every so often, so look forward to them. I have the right to delete posts if I see them unsuitable, but I will always contact you about it to let you know what the problem is.

Any problems? Contact me, scarletladyy, and I'll be happy to help.


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